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About The Quiet Moment Tea Rooms


The 19th July 1994 saw the establishment of what was to be a focal point for people of Letterkenny. (The original concept of the "Quiet Moment" was to provide the quality, the style and the appearance of luxury hotel dining in the form and character of a convenient and home-cooked food.) The Quiet Moment Tea-Room, almost overnight, became the venue for the "true-townie" to meet, the talking point of the locality and the symbol of "home" for the holiday-making native Diaspora.


This family run business soon became the place to be for the Letterkenny Family; those who stayed at home and those returning exiles longing to savour the sweetness and spirit of the "Letterkenny Town" that they remembered for years before.The local dialect adopted a new expression: "Are you going for a Quiet Moment?" - soon became an invitation "to go for a cuppa tea!".


Such was the success that expansion was imminent. Negotiations began to purchase the landmark "Crossan's Chemist" next door to facilitate demolition and a complete re-build. Vision and foresight prevailed over the fear that such an expansion would fail. For the duration of the re-development a temporary move to the "foot-of-the-town" was agreed. Again such is the influence and power of the concept of The Quiet Moment that the temporary premises, opened in March 1998 has continued to evolve To this day it is maintaining the standard and excellent reputation as a highly recommended eatery in the North West.


November 1998 marked the "re-opening" of The Quiet Moment at the original site. The refurbished building boasts seating for 56 patrons, luxurious mahogany surroundings and carefully selected furnishings create an atmosphere that can only be envied and admired by other Bewley's inspired establishments. This fine building is a welcoming site at the top of the "Port Road" reminding you that you are home again. A warm and friendly welcome awaits the local and stranger alike in "Letterkenny Town" Both Quiet Moments are proud and honoured to provide fresh food daily, the way you want, you can enjoy homemade products, sandwiches, light refreshments, soup or even something more substantial like our Hot Food Specials.


In 1998 Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce recognised the achievements of the proprietor, Brendan Mc Glynn, by awarding him as their Businessman of the year. This was in recognition of his contribution to ongoing development of Letterkenny as the central commercial centre of the North-West. If anyone ever says "there's nothing left but strangers now in Letterkenny Town" Send them to the "Quiet Moment" where "strangers" become "friends.


Enjoying a nice cuppa tea

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